What is our travel guarantee?

The travel guarantee protects travellers in case package holidays are cancelled or cut short. Dota 2 Training Camp have registered our travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet. Our travel guarantee is valid when you purchase a package holiday from us.


A package is a combination of transportation and accommodation, or any of these services combined with a tourist service that’s a considerable part of the arrangement, and that isn’t directly connected to the transportation or accommodation. Examples include rental cars, theatre tickets or tickets to a sporting event. A package must be longer than 24 hours or include accommodation. A package is sold at a fixed price or at separate prices that are interconnected. The travel guarantee needs to be in place for all packages, no matter if they’re sold to private individuals or to companies.

Useful information regarding travel guarantees

The travel guarantee is an economic safeguard for travellers if a trip is cancelled or cut short. It allows the traveller to request to be reimbursed via their travel guarantee. Anyone who arranges or sells travel arrangements subject to the provisions of the Travel Guarantees Act (1972:204) must lodge a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet before these arrangements can be marketed or sold. The purpose of the Act is to provide financial protection for travellers if a travel arrangement is cancelled or interrupted, usually as the result of the bankruptcy of the travel operator.

The amount secured by the guarantee can be used to recompense the costs of any advance payment, full payment, value of the benefits included in the travel agreement and possible costs for repatriation. If the tour has for some reason not been completed, the guarantee can be used to reimburse the travellers affected. Requiring a guarantee is considered to help to ensure that only travel companies with sufficient funding to offer protection to their customers actually venture into the travel business.


Requests for compensation need to arrive at the travel guarantee authorities no later than three months after the trip was cancelled, cut short or postponed indefinitely for any other reason.

More information can be found at Kammarkollegiet or by phoning Kammarkollegiet/The Travel Guarantees Agency at +46-(0)8-700 08 00.