Camp Dates: June 1-7 2019
Price: 1260€ (full board)

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Cost specification

We believe in transparency and with this cost specification we want to give you a better understanding of the costs related to a week like this in Sweden:

  • Premises, staff, network, food, computers, screens, chairs, transportation etc  36 500EUR
  • Insurance and travel guarantee 900EUR
  • Swedish VAT rate is 25%
  • Hours spent organising and planning the camp: roughly 400h
  • Hours spent during the camp: it’s so much fun we don’t consider it work 🙂

So yes, we do make a profit out of it (but less than if we had not taken the time off from our regular jobs) so please believe us when we tell you that the main reason we do this is because we find great joy in the event and the people we meet.


New for this year is that if you wish to rent a computer for the week (most people choose to do that but if you want to bring your own laptop or PC that works just as well) you will do that directly from the gaming center’s website instead of from us. It’s the same company that we’ve used before and all the hardware will be delivered and set up for you when you get here as usual.


Rent your computer here…

Most frequently asked question:

Question: Can I sign up now and pay later?

Answer: Yes, the full payment is due april 2019
(new guests pay a 10% deposit within 10 days)

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