Who are we? One could say we are a small group of people putting together this 100% dota week but in reality there has been so many more people involved in making this what it is today. Our guests and coaches are all part of the team; coming with good ideas, a helping hand, new ways to improve and maybe the most important thing, the comfortable atmosphere that they bring. This event would not have been what it is today without everyone’s help and goodwill.

The coaches selected are all people who have a great deal of information to share and want to help fuel the competetive flame in those who participate in the camp! As usual we aim to have a couple of new profiles mixed up with some of the coaches from previous camps. That way we can build on what we’ve learned and also give returning participants the possibility to discuss their game with new coaches.

project manager dota 2 training camp

Project manager – Annelie Högström Andersson (wagasister)

  • Have experience in project management in both small and large IT companies. When I’m not planning and organizing the camp I’m working as project manager for Sogeti
  • I play beach volleyball on a high level and have a lot of experience of training camps in general
  • If you visit this site you probably know more about Dota than I do… ?
  • If you have any thoughts about the camp in general though feel free to contact me.

In any sport, I think, to become one of the best you need to have the opportunity to train with the best. That’s what I want to provide with this training camp. And also for all of us; guests, coaches and staff to have a lot of FUN together!

Head Coach – Wagamama

Headcoach of the trainingcamp once again! Waga has been full-time invested in dota for the last 6+ years competing in teams, streaming and casting dota.

Waga mainly plays position 1/2 and regularly tries to find new and innovative ways of breaking the meta. Stuff like the vanguard radiance void from the past, or popularizing the midas necrobook sniper build.

Always eager to help people who search deeper dota knowledge, and happy to theorycraft wild ideas over a cup of tea!

All the coaches will analyze your game from different perspectives and give you personalized advice. We will prepare two training sessions per group and day, every session with a specific focus.

Dota 2 Training Camp coach Stormstormer

Coach – Stormstormer

Midplayer who specializes in Invoker, streams occassionally and studies at university all while working hard for that elusive #1 spot on the leaderboard!

Storm is as of writing our highest MMR player, and was recently up in the singledigits (Rank 6). He has big ambitions to try and get top ranked in europe and always wants to compete in the pro scene aswell.

He is a cheerful guy who is great at keeping the spirits up in a tough game, and at the camp his ability to share his positivity and enthusiasm has really been noticed. He’s not always toxic, but his midlane is sick & his happiness is always infectuous!

Played in WESG for team Germany!

  • Very talented mid player
  • Great understanding of the laning phase and how to outplay opponents early game
  • Mechanically talented
  • Twitch

Coach – Jabbz

Jabbz is a player who has great experience playing the supportrole, knowledgable in both what pos 4/5 should be doing, while also having played core roles a lot in his past, definitely one of our most versatile coaches when it comes to positions.

He is also great at always sharing his point of view on a topic, and he is very social so he might have knowledge on what other great players do or consider best in certain scenarios.

Jabbz has competed in many teams and has tons of good stories to share by the campfire!

Played in WESG for team Germany!

  • Midplayer turned expert support player, which gives him a very nuanced understanding of how to impact the game from either position.
  • Has played competitively throughout 2017/2018
  • Stream

Speed Coach Dota 2 Training Camp

Coach – Speed

He is an American highlevel player, currently ranking about top 60~ on the leaderboard, who likes to share his knowledge and creates guides and content for GameLeap.

This is his first trainingcamp as a coach so other than his knowledge of dota and his skill ingame, we dont have too much dirt on this guy yet!

Find out more about him at the camp or follow him @SpeeedDota on twitter!

dota 2 training camp 2018

Coach – Blazemon

Experienced in playing core, mid and carry are the two roles that Blaze is the most comfortable with. He tends to play heroes that involve a bit of micro, having experience with Lycan/Visage/Meepo/Beast, he knows how to play a good tempo game!

Famous for his warlock from previous trainingca… Oh wait… Ask him at the camp for more about that!

Played in WESG for team Germany!

  • Solid style player who always delivers
  • Over 11500 games played on main account, before hiding data from opponents who want to study him

Coach Ryan Dota 2 Training Camp

Coach – Ryan

Ryan is here as a coach for the first time, but he is no stranger to the camp! Having attended two camps in the past, and working hard through both the camps he has this year earned the title of coach!

Ryan is a very vocal player who always looks to help his team perform at peak level, his leadership helped teams tremendously the previous camp and proved to be maybe even more of an impact than his carrying.

His experience of having been a student and now taking on coaching others will give him a unique understanding for how a newcomer might feel at the camp, and it also proves what kind of progress you can make! He’s come a long way since the first time he showed up!

Coach – HoviteY

Hovi has experience being a position 5 and teampcaptain, he is a support specialist who can teach everyone a thing or two about how to properly stack or ward.

He has on multiple heroes managed to do 6 simultaneous stacks, through micro and great timings.

Drafting is another thing that Hovi has spent a lot of time doing, learning which hero counters which is not just something that is important at a pro level, but also benficial for grinding MMR!

Played in WESG for team Germany!

  • Used to play carry before switching to support
  • Twitch

dota 2 training camp 2018

Coach – Lizzard

His handsome hair… His massive biceps… Oh wait, we´re talking about his dota skills! Right.. Lizzard is a player who is perhaps most known for being able to multitask, doing all kinds of silly things from playing harmonica to his teammates when they get kills, or even playing dota on 2 accounts at the same time using Invoker and meepo. Naturally flaming himself over two different headset for hilarious results!

Lately Lizzard is casting a lot of prodota so he is very up to date on what the top teams are doing, understanding what heroes are strong in the current patch is something that can be greatly helped by observing what the pros do!

  • Previously achieved rank #1 in EU!
  • Has plenty of helpful guides created, can be found on pvgna!
  • High level support player playing either 4/5 position
  • known for his 1400games played on meepo, and other micro intense heroes like Ench and Arc Warden
  • has a highly entertaining and still educational stream

Dota 2 Training Camp

Summer 2019 is the year you’re gonna up your game! In this Dota 2 Training Camp with professional coaches. In this training camp we will take your abilities and experience into consideration to give you the best possible advice.

Coaches in the training camp

It’s also possible to book a whole Dota 2 team for this training camp. The head coach will plan two coach lead sessions a day where you will learn different game strategies and get input from some of the best players in the game.

Schedule for the Dota 2 training camp

We have supplied a preliminary schedule for the training camp to give you an idea of the setup.