dota 2 training camp 2018

Best vacation ever?!

If you haven’t decided where to go yet on vacation next summer, maybe a week together with your favourite top players; learning, playing, breathing Dota 2 would be an attractive idea?

Take a look at this upcoming Dota 2 event which is for everyone who shares a passion for the game and would like to take his/her skills to the next level while having a great vacation with Waga family and friends.


Up your game

  • A training camp for players on all levels.
  • All members will be divided into groups of five, depending on experience.
  • Upon booking you can request specific playing partner(s).
  • Come on your own or as a team. Most players come on their own.
  • You will have sessions with top coaches every day, coaches will also be available for games outside of the sessions and you get personlized input during free game.
  • We love that people come from all over the world and a feel-good and friendly atmosphere is what we strive for in every aspect of the camp!

A typical day at the camp:

You wake up, follow the lovely smell of waffles to the breakfast buffet and on your way you’ll probably meet a couple of dudes who’s been up all night playing dota. 🙂

During the day you’ll have two sessions led by the same coach (an inprovment from last year we believe, since it gives you the possibility to really get into details with that coach).

Between games we’ll serve home cooked meals. And somewhere in the afternoon the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies will find the way around the house and everyone will meet up in the garden for some swedish “fika”. For those who feel like it there use to be some outdoor activities too. There will also be time for free games where coaches are available for games and/or individual advice.

In the evening the coaches will play their coach game, which for next year we will put some more effort into showing on big screen.

And the question of when to go to bed is really just a balance between how much you want to fill this day with and how much energy you need for the next 😉

Waga – daily focus (2018…)


The very first day we will not focus on a specific stage of the game, but rather just learn your good and bad habbits, and help you improve on a general spectrum. Before the games we will discuss the individual comfort-heroes in the

groups and have everyone play something they like, but also have working combinations. We also encourage everyone to hang out a lot during free-play hours to play some more or get individual help.


very early-game oriented, most of the focus of this day is trying to improve laning stage mechanics and decisions. What we will try to teach is how to fully focus on the most key elements of the first 5-10 minutes. We will also highlight how you position/harass/move in the earlygame and what to improve on!


More refining laning mechanics since they set you up for success. Into this will also be added predicting opponents movements and increasing general awareness. It is extremely important to have proper calls for miss, ping out rotations without losing track of your own movements! This day we will also prepare drafts together within the groups, and build a good base for teamplay through communication. Working as a unit is going to help foster solid decisionmaking and less clowny games!

Last year’s schedule will give you an idea of the setup.



Will be mostly about efficiency, the goal is to not waste any time, always planning ahead and knowing what your next target is! This is equally important on every role, the goal is to get more out of the map than your opponents while reading their movements and playing around objectives.


Every player in dota is quite unique, and being able to know and trust your strengths/weaknesses is essential to your future improvement! On this final day we will focus on the weaknesses and strengths that have caught our attention during the camp and give you the best advice we can on how to improve even more after the trainingcamp.

(this was the daily focuses of the camp 2017, some changes can be made for the next camp…)

A quote from one of our followers:

“I love this idea. Currently it’s very hard to become good at Dota 2 unless you work on self improvement. Plus, networking is extremely difficult if you’re not already in the circle.”

You don’t want to miss this!

If you are as passionate about the game as we are and want to take your game to the next level, while having a great time with new and old friends, this is the event for you. So come and create unforgettable memories with us on the next Dota 2 training camp!

Dota 2 Training Camp

Summer 2018 is the year you’re gonna up your game! In this Dota 2 Training Camp with professional coaches. In this training camp we devide single Dota 2 players into groups of five depending on experience.

Coaches in the training camp

It’s also possible to book a whole Dota 2 team for this training camp. The head coach will plan two coach lead sessions a day where you will learn different game strategies and get input from some of the best players in the game.

Schedule for the Dota 2 training camp

We have supplied a preliminary schedule for the training camp to give you an idea of the setup.