dota 2 training camp 2018

Some frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for just write your question in the comments section.

About the camp

Can I talk to past and future coaches and/or attendees of the camp?

We have a public Discord server set up for the Dota 2 training camp. Simply join and ask your questions, and you can talk in real time with camp admins, coaches, and attendees!


Will everything be in english?

Yes, everything will be in english. Last year we had 12 nationalities represented which we hope to beat this year ?

All nationalities are welcome, citizens from certain countries might however be in need of a visa.

Last year’s camp:

Dota 2 Training Camp Statistics 2017-nationalities

Will I be able to discuss various topics with the coaches?

Absolutely, there will always be a couple of coaches available during free game and since we eat all the meals together you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk to them throughout the week.

What is the average age?

Most attendees are between 20 and 35 but everyone above 16 is welcome to join us.

Last year’s camp:

Dota 2 Training Camp Statistics 2017 average age

Will there be vegetarian food available?

Yes absolutely, just let us know of any food preferences or allergies that you have in the attendee form.

Where do I submit information about myself as a player/attendee?

Closer to the camp you will all be asked to fill out an attendee form where we collect information about you as a player, expectations, requests and practical information like food preferences/allergies, transfer from train station etc.

Travel, Tickets & Transfer

Does anyone else fly from my airport?

Talk to other participants about travel coordination on this open discord channel


Do I need a visa?

For most visitors coming to Sweden, a visa is not a necessity. Citizens from certain countries might however be in need of such documents. If your country is on this list you will need a visa. When applying for a visa you will need an invitation from us. Send an email to us with name, birth date and nationality and we will provide you with an invitational letter. Please make sure to start the process in good time before the camp, bureaucracy can sometimes consume a disproportional amount of time …

If you need a visa you should apply for a “Tourist Schengen visa”
Here you find more information on how to apply for a Schengen-visa

Where do I fly to/from?

Fly to Copenhagen airport (Denmark)
We recommend you to find a flight to Copenhagen airport, it’s a big international airport and from the airport you can take the train directly to Alvesta, where the camp is being held. It’s a direct train between Copenhagen and Alvesta so it’s really easy and the tickets usually don’t cost very much. To book train tickets visit this site ( and type in Travel from: Copenhagen airport and Travel To: Alvesta and choose the date. You can also buy tickets at the airport/train station (which is conveniently enough the same building) or book online beforehand. Most people prefer to buy their ticket at the train station since you don’t have to worry about delays that way. Visa and mastercard works well in Denmark and Sweden.
If you are from a country that requires a visa you can apply for a “schengen visa” which will grant you entry to all countries in the Schengen area (including Denmark/Copenhagen).
Fly to Växjö airport (Sweden)
Växjö airport (also called Växjö Småland airport) is the closest airport to the camp. It’s a small airport that doesn’t have as many flights but is of course worth checking out. Since it’s close by you can take a cab directly to the camp (20min drive) or take a bus + train to Alvesta (1hour travel) and have us pick you up there. To book bus and train tickets visit the same site ( and type in “Växjö Småland Airport”  to “Alvesta”.
Fly to Malmo airport (Sweden)
If you don’t find any good flights to Copenhagen you can also fly to Malmo airport/Sturup. It’s also close but from there you will need to take a bus to Malmo central, where you can then take the train to Alvesta.
Fly to Arlanda airport/Stockholm (Sweden)
The third option is to fly to Arlanda in Stockholm, north of Alvesta and take a direct train from Stockholm to Alvesta. (You will first take a shuffle bus between the airport and Stockholm central). One thing though is that you won’t find as many trains between Stockholm and Alvesta so they will probably cost a bit more and you should definitely book your ticket online in advance ( to make sure they don’t sell out.

How does the transfer from Alvesta work?

Let us know when you’ll arrive at Alvesta and we’ll plan the transfer between the train station and the camp as smoothly as possible for everyone. Last year everyone was picked up by Waga in a Tesla.. 😉 We don’t want to make any such promises but some sort of transfer will be arranged by us, that will work with everyones train tickets/flights.

Do you know if anyone is planning a road-trip through Europe like last year?

Not that we know of, but if anyone wants to share information about any such trip we can help spread the word.

Try asking in our discord server:

What does your travel guarantee do?

The travel guarantee protects travellers in case package holidays are cancelled or cut short. Dota 2 Training Camp have registered a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet. Our travel guarantee is valid when you purchase a package holiday from us. ‘

Read more about the travel guarantee here


If I rent a computer, will it be available at all times or only during sessions?

Yes, you will have your own computer and it will be available 24/7.

How well will the rented computers support Dota 2?

The rental PC:s are gaming computers from a gaming center so the support is good. If we notice any problems with a computer we just replace it with one of the backups.

Should I bring my own peripherals?

Yes, please do that! (we will have a couple of extra sets if anyone should forget)

Can I bring my own computer?

Absolutely, but please make sure you have any necessary adapters

Booking, payments etc.

My bank asks me to specify full address (incl. city & country) of the recepient when making a transfer, what is the correct address to use?

Dota 2 Training Camp
Håknarp 2 (street)
56195 (postal code)
Lekeryd (postal address)

if you have any questions the answer’s probably just one email away 🙂

What is included in the fee?

Everyone pays for their own tickets to and from Alvesta but there are no additional costs during the week.

The following are included in the price:

  • 10 x sessions with coaches (and extra coach games)
  • Big breakfast buffet
  • Home cooked lunch every day
  • Home baked cookies for “fika” every day
  • Home cooked dinner every evening
  • Midnight snacks
  • Goodiebag
  • Accommodation
  • Towels and bed linen are included
  • Cleaning upon departure is included
  • Transfer from Alvesta train station (arrival)
  • Transfer to Alvesta train station (departure)

Where exactly am I supposed to send the “minors-letter of consent”?

Send it here

When is the payment due?

It’s a 10% deposit within 10 days and the full amount no later than 1 month before the camp.

After I’ve booked a spot for the camp, is there enything else I should do?

Pay the fee perhaps? 😉

And please log in and fill in the attendee form to let us know a little bit more about you and your goals for the week (you will receive an email when the attendee form is available on the website).

When you’ve booked your tickets we’d also like to know when to pick you up/drop you of at the train station in Alvesta.


Is the place handicap friendly?

Yes it is. But please mention it in the attendee form so we can make sure you get a room on the first floor.

What is the address to the camp?

The address to the camp is (and should work with google maps):
Gravanäsvägen 19
342 93 Hjortsberga

Sightseeing in Sweden

There wont be a lot of time for sightseeing for the attendees but any friends or relatives who join us during the week might be interested in what Sweden has to offer.

Have a look at “visit Småland” to get som inspiration. (“Småland” is the county where the camp is located)

You can easliy get to either Swedens capital “Stockholm” or Denmarks capital “Copenhagen” by direct train from Alvesta (appr. 3h, both destinations).

Learn more about sightseeing in Stockholm

Learn more about sightseeing in Copenhagen



38 thoughts on “FAQ & Forum

  1. Hi! I have a question about the accomodation/rooms.
    Since there aren’t any single rooms & I’m assuming that means we’ll have roommates, would girls have a separate room from boys? Asking for safety reasons.

    1. Hi, yes girls will only share room with other girls if you don’t specifically ask for other roommates. Would you rather have a single room you can pay the extra fee to get the room for yourself. We are always happy to have more girls attending the week so we will definitely take good care of you. 🙂

  2. Hi! Question about the 1,255 Euro. My friends and I are confused. Is it per person or as a group?

  3. I’m confused about the pricing.
    What’s are the 1225€ for and what are the 627€ for? Or in other words, what does all in training vs. no training mean?
    Am I right in the assumption that you only buy one or the other?
    What’s the difference between the 3 categories presented on the product page? Do you just get placed in different rooms? If so, why is there no difference in price and is there more information available about the rooms?
    I’m sorry if it’s obvious and i just don’t get it.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Konstantin,
      1255 is what the training camp costs, no matter what type of room you choose. There are a couple of en suite rooms otherwise the rooms are quite similar, some are 4-bedded and some 6-bedded. (You can request specific roommates in the attendee form that we will ask you to fill out closer to the camp.)
      It’s possible to bring a friend/relative/girlfriend who won’t participate in the training and the price is then 627EUR for them.
      Did that answer all your questions? I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have.

  4. oooh alright. no I get it now, thank you very much.
    although I guess I would recommend labeling that option somehow differently so it’s clear that it’s not meant for participants, but only their company.
    appreciate the quick answer!

  5. Iif i were to go only for vacation, and if i wanted to rent a computer for the week can i do it?
    and what about the extra days, are we going to pay for our food ourselves?
    And lastly if the ones that dont pay for the training can we interact with waga?

    1. Hi Alex,
      I understand what you mean but no, the discount is meant as a benefit for those who participate in the camp and wish to bring someone (a non player) for the week.

  6. Is there a way I can contact you ‘privately’ / by e-mail. I have a more discrete question.

  7. Hi ! Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the event. Will there be another one in the summer ? Since I live in Växjö I wanted to ask if I could swing by and say hi to you. That way I could see if I wanna join next year.


  8. I was wondering if the rooms will go out of stock anytime soon. I can fur sure come but I cnanot pay at this current moment and im worried it will get sold out. Also what is the difference between en suit and normal?

    1. Hey,
      there are still a couple of spots left but I’ve noticed that the bookings are picking up speed so I dare not say for how long.
      Email me and we’ll see if we can sort something out for you.
      En suite has their own toilet/shower, otherwise it’s in the corridor. So just a small difference.

  9. Is all levels really all levels? Or is that more like all levels of divine players?
    Would lower tier players like Legend 3 be able to fit in?

  10. Hello, I was wondering if it runs next year I am having examinations in july and i am in last year in school so it is unlikely I will be this year still I really want to come feelsbad.

  11. Hi I want to send a perfectly ordinary gift to the camp because I’m too poor to afford to go there. Do you know if that would actually make it there and not just get lost in a back room somewhere?? I’ve got the address and postcode etc but I’m not sure if they take deliveries for guests. Have fun 😀

    1. Hi!
      Email me and we’ll figure out a way. If you send it to the camp address we won’t get it since we’re only renting the place for the week..

  12. Hi,

    This might be a stupid question but are all the places gone? I’m a bit late to this but I think that I might be able to swing getting over there. I just sadly got stuck with holiday organisation in work.


    1. Hi John, I’ll need to look into it and talk to Waga about the groups. I’ll get back to you about it. Cheers

  13. Wasn’t able to attend this year so I was wondering if you’re doing a other one in the summer of 2019 because I’d be more than happy to attend.

    1. Hi Ceadric,
      great to hear that! It looks like it’s going to be a camp in June next year so we’re looking forward to seeing you then 🙂

  14. Hi I am just wondering what’s the time that the camp will likely to end at on July 7? (like morning/afternoon?)

    1. Hi Jin, there will be no scheduled activities on the 7th and the best time to leave the camp is probably some time around 10-12, but anytime from morning to early afternoon works. We will be there all day packing up.

      1. so say i have the flight at 1:15 pm at Copenhagen airport, when should I leave from the camp?

        1. If I were you I would probably want to be in Copenhagen 3-4h before the flight just to be sure, especially if it’s a long flight. And add 2,5h from the camp to Copenhagen airport. Then you would end up having to leave around 7am?! Pretty early but it would work. 🙂 You can find a suitable train at (Alvesta to Copenhagen airport) they depart roughly every hour I believe.

  15. Hi, so I’m interested in attending but won’t know for about another month or two if I will be able to take that time off from work. What is the latest that I will be able to register for the camp, and is there a risk of the camp filling up before then?


    1. Hi Jordan,
      that is completely understandable. ? We usually close the booking a month before the camp but this year the slots will probably run out before that. I can add your name to the preliminary bookings and email you if the slots are starting to run out. You can email me directly if you have any more questions or if you want to be notified through another address than the one above. BR

      1. Yeah, that sounds great. I should know by the beginning/middle of April, but please let me know if the slots are starting to fill up.


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