Gamer Training Camp 2018

Only 5 slots left

We’re very happy to see that this year’s camp has almost filled up already, with only 5 slots left. Attendee forms will be sent out in the next couple of days and after that we’ll update the page with more information about our attendees. After talking to a lot of you I can already tell that you are a great bunch of people. And of course we have lots of people returning from last year, including some crazy coaches 🙂


Dota 2 Training Camp statistics 20180413

Arrival & departure

To make it easier for you to plan your arrival and departure we will not schedule anything on the 26th or the 1st, those days will mostly be about hanging out and playing a lot of dota.

Saturday 26th

Arrive whenever suitable, we will have transfer from early morning to late evening (remember to let us know when to pick you up though). It’s great if everyone is in place for dinner in the evening (around 7-8pm) to listen to the introduction of the coaches. Though of course if you’re arriving later, don’t worry, you’ll have a whole week to get to know your coaches 🙂

We have some people arriving the 25th. Just a heads up, we’ll be preparing and setting up everything most of that day. There will be meals prepared during the day but don’t expect too much out of the kitchen, they will be up to their necks in preperations. Fika will be served around 3pm, so that’s probably a good time to show up 😉 And as always we’re grateful for a pair of extra hands in the preperations.

Friday 1st

Feel free to hang out during the day, or leave early if you have an early flight. We appreciate if everyone will do their best to find a flight during the 1st but if you’re a long distance traveler and can’t find a good flight then you’re welcome to stay the extra night. The computers will be returned the 1st so be aware that they won’t be available all day (we don’t have the specific times yet)

Attendee form

You will recieve an attendee form shortly (we’ll upload it on the website and also send a link by email). Please fill in the form as soon as possible, to give us time to prepare the groups and schedule.