Waga – about the camp

A short video explaining the camp, for those want to hear it from the horse’s mouth we have Waga briefly talking about the general purpose of the camp and the reasoning for trying to make this dream a reality!


If you have any further questions regarding the camp, feel free to shoot a tweet about it at any time on @WagaGaming and you’ll get an answer ASAP.

P.S: From us organizing the event we would kindly urge those visitors who definitely will be attending to not wait until last minute with their booking, this is the first instance of this trainingcamp and in order to run a successful event it would be helpful to have timely signups.

Stay tuned for more info updates!



4 thoughts on “2017 – Waga gives brief intro

  1. Can we talk? Please? I just wanted to join about this… Please? I’m a filipino what should I do about the camp? How much money should I pay? I don’t have website sorry…

  2. When and where is the US training camp? Really interested in going this would be so awesome!

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